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Sarbanand Marine Solution Pvt. Ltd. provides Maritime Courses & Sponsorship for all Merchant Navy Courses.

Sponsorship means a “GUARANTEE OF PROVIDING JOB” by the company to the candidate after they finish their studies. It is provided before the commencement of course. The candidate must pay his/her college fees, companies will only provide job after completing studies. Sponsorship is conducted to assure the students for their future by assuring their On-Board training.

We are pleased to introduce our self as a Merchant Navy Training & Placements Services provider. MARINA MARITIME Merchant Navy Placements Services has opportunities for experienced individuals who are really looking for a professionally challenging or a career change. You can work with some of the best marine companies in the world. We here provide you the richest quality in professional skills and the highest quality in marine education. Marina Maritime Merchant Navy Placement Services provide a productive, energetic, dynamic and advanced learning environment teaching you and helping you to develop your professional skills to meet the international requirements. We are totally dedicated to provide the best training for marine services to shape and train you and attain world class professional standards for those who are seeking employment in the field of merchant navy.

Students are sponsored by many different Shipping Companies, RPSL Companies or Ownership Companies.

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